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  • An awesome fridge far outshone a mediocre freezer

Kenmore 79432 Top-Freezer Refrigerator Review

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Better than 80% of Reviewed Refrigerators

An awesome fridge far outshone a mediocre freezer

From the outside, Kenmore 79432 (MSRP $1,389) may look like a simple white top-freezer, but it's façade doesn't tell the whole story. With phenomenal fridge performance, unexpected internal design touches, and an awesome internal water dispenser, there's a lot to be excited about.

The 79432's report card wasn't all A's—we weren't thrilled with how the freezer did in our tests—but overall, this fridge is a top-freezer to keep an eye on.

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Lights down the sides create an impressive aesthetic.
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Design & Usability

Don't judge this fridge by its front.

A glossy, sleek exterior gives a modern touch to this classic top-freezer, but inside is where this fridge differentiates itself. The 79432 features an interior water dispenser—a cool feature that does eat up some space in the top shelf. LED lighting, reflected through the prismatic designs in the door shelves' glass, adds a touch of luxury.

In use, the fridge had few usability hangups, including impressively smooth-sliding drawers. Like most top-freezers with full-width shelves, we had trouble getting to items at the rear of the fridge. It also might be difficult to access the back of a packed freezer, which is also where the controls are.


Better for fresh foods than frozen ones

The crisper drawers have variable humidity controls to accommodate fruit and vegetables.
This is a great fridge. In our lab tests, the 79432 consistently kept the temperatures right where they should be, and were warmest at the bottom—which benefits the produce in the crisper drawers. But despite the excellent fridge performance, the freezer's temperature fluctuated and never quite got cold enough. That could lead to freezer burn, so make sure not to store anything in here long-term.

For in-depth performance information, please visit the Science Page.

Our Take

From the outside, this looks like a plain top-freezer.

Does almost everything well

The Kenmore 79432 has a lot to love. We're big fans of the interior water dispenser, luxurious design, and great fridge performance. We weren't thrilled with uneven freezer performance, but nearly everything else about this Kenmore was ideal. It's not often that you can find a feature-laden top-freezer, and it works well if you're short on space but still want a water dispenser.

If your needs tend towards fresh foods, though, and you can find it on sale for around $200 below its MSRP, the Kenmore 79432 isn't a bad choice at all.

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