The Best French-Door Fridges

The Rolls Royce of refrigeration—here are our favorite French-door fridges.

So you're shopping for a new fridge, and you want something fancy. Not just one that has spiffy features, but the Rolls Royce of refrigeration.

French-door fridges are among the highest-end refrigerators you'll find, with the fanciest designs and spots in the most expensive kitchens. They're essentially hybrids of the side-by-side and bottom-freezer styles. The design tends to make them look very roomy on the inside, and they often store more than an average fridge (though not as much extra as you might think). Here are some of our current favorites.



LG's LFX31925ST, the winner of our 2012 Best French Door Refrigerator Award, has a humongous capacity and a hefty price tag to match. For an MSRP of $2,999, you'll get 30.7 cubic feet of storage space, which is huge (though actual usable storage space is a bit tighter). In spite of the size, it's efficient and only costs around $40 to operate per year, one of the lowest costs per cubic foot of any fridge we've tested. The exterior is a little hard to clean, but the shelves inside will contain spills and are easily adjustable.

Kenmore 72023


Kenmore's 72023 is smaller than the LG above, but still has enough room to keep enough food stocked for your entire extended family during the holidays. With superior performance results in nearly all of our tests, this fridge is worth the price. Temperatures remain consistent over time, despite some issues with uniform cooling from top to bottom in both compartments. Moisture retention in the crispers is a weak point, but even at that, it still achieved an average rating in our tests. It's an energy-efficient unit as well, and while the $2,349 MSRP may be steep for a fridge this size, it's actually quite a value for a top-quality appliance.

Whirlpool Gold WRF989SDAM


The Whirlpool Gold WRF989SDAM is a high capacity fridge crafted with aesthetics in mind. Though it doesn't retain moisture well, it provides a consistent temperature. It's a sizable fridge with a large freezer, and compared to products of its size and capacity, this is one of the more energy efficient models we’ve reviewed to date. Shelving is a bit of a sore spot, as they're hard to move, though they do have spill guards. But this is still one of the better French-door fridges we've reviewed.

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