• Cooler temperatures, at least.

Marshall Fridge Will Make Your Dorm Way Cooler

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Cooler temperatures, at least.

If you aren't quite heavy metal enough to spring for a used morgue fridge, there is a more reasonable option: the Marshall Fridge. This fridge-in-disguise rocks the signature gold control panel, black cloth, white piping, and knobs of a classic Marshall half-stack, but this one really does go to eleven.

Unfortunately, it doesn't actually work as a guitar amplifier.

The fridge has four cubic feet of space, a 0.4 cubic foot freezer, adjustable shelves, and heavy accommodations for cans. It is, in short, the dream fridge of a college freshman. Cynics might say that Jim(i)s Marshall and Hendrix are rolling over in their graves with this shameless merchandising of a rock icon, but if rock stars can merchandise [kitsch pinball machines](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiss_(pinball) and airplanes, a fridge is probably just fine—tasteful in comparison, really.

The box, however, is another story. Apparently, UPS filed a formal complaint, saying the very loud-looking box made it a high theft risk.

fridge open.jpg
Don't leave the fridge open.

Since this dorm-sized fridge only has a capacity of four cubic feet, kitchens are probably safe from this British invasion—that is until a full-stack version comes over the pond to replace your Whirlpool. That is, if you prefer to have a bachelor pad decorated by Skymall.

via The Dieline and Marshall

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