This Fiat Is a Fridge

It used to be a big problem if a Fiat 500 somehow made it into your house. Until now.

Smeg, an Italian appliance-maker known for its unique designs in a field dominated by boxy, stainless appliances, has converted the most ubiquitous car in its home country's history into a refrigerator. Working with the manufacturer, Smeg removed the engine from a Fiat 500, and installed a small fridge in its place.

Untitled 2.jpg
Hopefully this Smeg will rise above Fiat's famously stereotyped reliability.

Under the hood, two ice cream-style sliding glass doors contain 3.5 cubic feet of storage space—plenty of room for some chilled Prosecco and gelato. There's also a temperature-control panel sitting above the fridge, near the hood's hinge—and of course, it's designed like the car's dashboard.

We don't know how much this novelty fridge is going to cost yet, but it's probably not going to be cheap. Considering its niche appeal and limited utility, it's unlikely that we'll be driving it into our labs for a test drive. But here's hoping it performs like a Ferrari, not a Fiat.

fiat angels.jpg
The Smeg 500 fridge could be mistaken for a modern art statement on frigid industrialism.

via Gizmodo

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